Developing Solutions

Identify the needs
  • What are your pain points?
  • What risks do you want to mitigate?
  • What task can be automated?
  • What would help you move faster?
  • What is limiting you from growing or being scalable?
System Integrations
System Integrations
  • Is there data that an external source provides, that would be nice to have?
  • Are you manually entering data that you could electronically be sending?
  • Is there data you would like to push into Facebook, Google Calendar, Outlook etc
System Integrations
Web Apps
Web Applications and APIs
  • Is it useful to have a web application to allow customers to enter data or orders?
  • Is it useful to have an an application for internal users to use and share data?
  • Are you storing data on an Excel file that should be in a shared application?
  • Do you have data that other systems could use to integrate with you?
Web Applications and APIs
Tools & Automation
  • What tasks take away from you doing more important things?
  • Where are errors occurring that automating it could prevent them?
  • What data or process would speed you up if you didn't have to wait for it?
  • Would it be useful if you could automate or control a switch or valve?
Tools & Automation
Reporting & Monitoring
  • Is there anything that you would want to be notified or alerted of immediately?
  • How can reporting and data anlysis help you make better decisions?
  • How can you distribute those reports or data?
  • Would the ability to monitor or analyze a sensor help you?
Reporting & Monitoring
Azure Cloud Computing
  • Can your apps or data in the cloud reduce risk or increase performance?
  • Can your development team take advantage of improved DevOps?
  • Is your existing system scalable if demand grows?
  • Is improve redundancy and system monitoring useful?
Azure Cloud Computing