Portfolio for Jeff May

Colbren Money

Colbren - Developed an application for managing personal finances. The focus of the product is reporting and management tools driven to help people get out of debt.

Colbren Runners

Colbren - Developed an application for race teams to track and compare races and trainings for its runners. Also contains an API where other applications can access general race information. Each team has a home page where they can post upcoming races, documents, news and announcements.

Peninsular Paper
Peninsular Paper Backup System

Peninsular Paper - Developed an application that synched data from a Cobol data base into a SQL Server database. The application provided a backup system for creating orders and included reports and creation and download of pick tickets and packing slips.

Plaza Electronics

Plaza Electronics - Provided a timecard system for employees to log in and out with generated reports of hours. Also included ability for technicians to create quotes that were emailed to customers for approval. Once the quotes were approved, the techs were able to document their work and hours, upload photos. The system could create commission reports and track which techs had been paid.

Colbren Homes

Colbren - Smart screens that users could would have throughout their house to help them interact with their home.

VA SmartHome

US Dept of Veteran Affairs - Development of a smarthome that serves as an electronic caregiver for patients at home. The home knows where patients are and what they are supposed to be doing. It helps the patients to do the things they should be doing such as excercise and brushing teeth and then generates reports on their activities for clinicians and caregivers. This house uses several technologies.
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Colbren Data Retrieval

NASA - This application performs data retrievals of Space Shuttle vehicle telemetry and displays it to the user in ways that the engineer can best review and analyze it. The key feature of this tool is that it is geared to make retrievals and analysis very quick and easy for the engineer. Data is presented as plots, tables and in raw text format. It allows overlays of the same measurements from multiple days of propellant tanking events so that engineers can compare variation in the data. It also provides notifications to the user if the data was determined to be out of family. This tool is used heavily by the engineering community for each Shuttle launch.
Received a NASA award for this tool.

Desktop Simulator
Desktop Simulator

NASA - Simulation interface for system engineers to train and look at the model of their engineering system in views that are more relevent to their needs and which support training. The simulator works on the standard desktop. The simulator is used for training, process development, process analysis, and detailed system analysis. The demo and screenshots include very simple shuttle wiring schematics and cross sections. This project was developed as a working prototype and ended with the end of the Space Shuttle program.
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PACA Running
PACA Running

Park Avenue Christian - This web application was created for the Park Avenue Running Team. It provides data such as the next scheduled run, dynamically lists the runners by age, and allows each runner to log their training and races. The site accepts CSV upload of race results to allow a coach to quickly and easily update the runners race times.

Colbren Prayer

Park Avenue Baptist - Developed an application for managing personal finances. The focus of the product is reporting and management tools driven to help people get out of debt.

Upward Basketball

Park Avenue Baptist - This web application was created to provide league information for the Upward Basketball League. This application has lots of admin features including coach registration, ability to import teams and game schedules and on-line registration via Paypal.

Pine Derby
Pine Derby Application

Sov. Grace Church - This application is used to manage a pine derby race. It is used to register cars and racers. It then determines the heat lineups that spreads cars out over the entire race, with each car racing one time in each lane. Different divisions can race. The cars in each division will only race each other, but their heats will be interleaved. The application will immediately display the time and position of the cars after each heat. The program will also record the results and score the winner after the race.

Childrens Ministry
SGC Children's Ministry

Sov. Grace Church - This web application was created for the Children's Minsitry coordinator to manage the schedule, the teachers and the curriculum. It works in conjunction with a web service to send weekly reminders to teachers when they are scheduled to teach and what lesson and props they will be provided.


U.S. Air Force - This web application was created for AFAMS (Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation) to manage the workflow of vetting standards.


NASA - This web application provides an integrated data tool for Space Shuttle propulsion engineers. It groups and links data in ways that are relevent for the engineer and his workflow. It combines data from several different sources into a single app. For example, by clicking on a valve on a graphical schematic, it will take you to a page that provides all associated info and links to the device such as electrical schematics, part information, telemetry measurements etc.
Received a NASA award for this tool.

MPS Defects
MPS Defect Log

NASA - This web application is a photo database for all know dings, dents and scratches on fluid lines and sealing surfaces of the Space Shuttle. Used as a reference to determine if the defect has already been addressed.