Jeff May


10/15 - Present
BlueGrace Logisitics
Tampa, FL
Integration Architect
  • Responsible for the implementation, development and operation of over 100 integrated customers into the BlueShip system via SOAP, REST and File import.
  • Importers include XML, CSV and Excel files that come in via IMAP Email, WebAPI email, SFTP, FTPS
  • Developed apps written in C# using Visual Studio and currently using ASP.NET Core.
  • Developed API documentation via OpenAPI (Swagger) and ReDoc
  • Azure cloud applications including Web API, Functions, Service Bus, Azure Storage, Application Insights, Cosmos DB
  • Use VSTS to manage the work and GIT CI\CD pipeline.

07/03 - Present
ColbrenSolutions LLC
Tampa, FL
Solutions Developer / System Architect
  • Work projects to help small businesses improve productivity.
  • Development training to help small businesses improve productivity.
  • Develop integrations to allow data to be shared or consumed between 2 systems.
  • Develop systems for data capture, monitor and data analysis.
  • Azure cloud applications including Web API, Service Bus, Azure Storage, Application Insights, SQL Azure
  • Use VSTS to manage the work and GIT CI\CD pipeline.
  • See my portfolio here

01/13 - 09/15
Tampa, FL
System Architect
  • Designed and developed SmartHome system to provide care for patients at home.
  • Responsible for gathering requirements, designing, building and testing solution.
  • Includes Windows services, web applications, mobile devices, UWB tracking, ZWave sensors, connecting to external systems and APIs.Built with .NET – MySQL-jQuery
  • Installed in 7 sites. Collects and processes sensor and admin data to monitor and assist patients with traumatic brain injury at hospital and in homes.
  • Integrate various technologies including SmartThings, Ubisense RTLS, Withings, Google Calendar.

01/12 - 01/13
Kennedy Space Center, FL
System Engineer
  • System Engineer to renovate KSC for the Space Shuttle successor.
  • Responsible for Requirements Development and Verification processes and procedures.
  • Implement and manage use of requirements management tool (Cradle).
  • Develop software applications to support anomaly detection of telemetry measurements.

08/10 - 12/11
JHT Inc.
Orlando, FL
Senior Software Developer
  • Support overall system design enhancements and improvements
  • Develop C# libraries to support simulation of voice and http/web signals
  • Develop C# WinForms to simulate submarine radio room devices

05/00 - 08/10
United Space Alliance
Kennedy Space Center, FL
System Engineer
  • Create processes and tools for engineers to write application software
  • Support design reviews, conOps, SRR, SDR for new command and cotrol system.
  • Support requirements development for Space Shuttle command and control system and data anaylsis tools.
  • Managed requirements and testing to upgrade the entire Shuttle propulsion ground system to PLCs
Software Developer
  • Special projects - develop and implement various software tools and applications to improve efficiency within engineering org. C#.NET & ASP.NET
Propulsion System Engineer
  • Senior engineer on Space Shuttle Main Propulsion System
  • Perform real-time and post data analysis of Shuttle telementry
  • Create presentations and present to senior management
  • Monitor and control of the shuttle from the firing room for testing, propellant loading and launch operations
  • Develop and execute processes and procedures to support testing, maintenance, and troubleshooting using MIL spec, wire lists, electrical and mechanical schematics
  • Task team leader for various Space Shuttle Main Propulsion System operations.
  • Mentor and train interns and new employees.


08/02 - 10/04
Webster University
Merritt Island, FL
M.S. Computer Science
  • 3.86 GPA

08/93 - 05/00
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL
B.S. Mechanical Engineering
  • 3.0 GPA (3.9 GPA over my last 16 courses)

Professional Trng

  • USA Integrated Project Management (3 days)
  • Cadence Project Management (3 days)
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills (1 day)
  • Effective time Management (1 day)
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (3 days)
  • Leadership Development Institute training (Series of 12 classes)
  • Covey - Acheiving your highest priorities (1 day)
  • SEI Intro to CMMI (4 days)
  • SEI Integrated System Architecture - Lockheed Martin (4 days)
  • APPEL - Requirements Management Training (3 days)
  • APPEL - Sytem Engineering and Lifecycles (3 days)

Other Skills & Experiences

  • Served 3 years as Upward Sports Basketball director (250+ players \ 76 coaches)
  • Served 5 years as Children's Ministry Coordinator
  • Participated on several Lean Six Sigma teams
  • Worked as an automotive technician for BMW and Mercedes dealerships 1995-1996
  • Passed ASE certification exam for brakes, electrical and a/c in 1995
  • Wrote and presented a whitepaper at 2010 AIAA SpaceOps Conference
  • Passed the Engineer In Training (EIT) exam in 2000 EIT #1100006186

Awards & Honors

  • NASA Bronze Medallion Award for developing a simulation application for Space Shuttle Propulsion System
  • NASA New technology Award for development of web application that integrated several data sources to one location
  • NASA New technology Award for tool to allow better data analysis of Space Shuttle telemetry data
  • NASA New technology Award for developing software to support Lean Six Sigma effort
  • Quest Award for developing and managing the removal and replacement of 8" Fill and Drain valves on the Space Shuttle
  • Quest Award for participation of complex inspection of BSTRA balls that were 20 feet inside propellant feedlines